Insurance for Weight Loss & Wellness Program

Are you determined to improve your health but concerned about your ability to pay for treatment?

First, take comfort in knowing FitRx is more than a weight loss retreat. We’re not like a weight loss facility because we have a professional behavioral health team. And we’re not like an eating disorder facility because we treat each disorder differently and with specific care. Secondly, many FitRx clients successfully receive health insurance reimbursement for a portion of their fees.

In order to qualify for reimbursement many insurance companies require you seek our services for a legitimate medical reason.  Again, although carriers may vary in their policies, this means you may have to be considered “obese” under medical specifications in order to qualify. According to the United States government, obese generally refers to those who are 30 or more pounds heavier than the weight considered healthy for their height.

*Health insurance plans vary greatly. FitRx cannot guarantee a health insurance provider will reimburse any portion of the cost of your stay. Check with your insurance provider before you make a reservation if you have any questions about your policy.