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FitRx is a licensed behavioral health treatment center for adult men and women battling binge eating, emotional eating, night eating syndrome and compulsive overeating disorder. Through our program’s four components— behavioral, medical, nutritional and physical—we teach clients to live healthier through individualized programming, establishing healthy lifestyle patterns, developing relapse prevention plans and so much more.

FitRx makes it possible.

FitRx is a lifestyle transformation treatment program that helps men and women recover from binge eating, emotional eating, night eating syndrome and compulsive overeating disorder. With professional support, therapy, education and motivation, we help individuals adopt physical, emotional and spiritual lifestyle patterns that, when put into practice, begin the process of complete transformation from the inside out.

Our team of licensed clinical social workers and counselors, registered dietitians, board-certified psychiatrist, certified personal trainers, medical doctor, professional chef and more, provides the education, support and training necessary to feel better and live longer. The foundation of our program is uniquely comprised of four main components: Behavioral, Medical, Nutritional and Physical Wellness.

FitRx is not a quick fix, but real life treatment with non-punitive, professional support. Our goal is to empower our clients by creating motivated, self-sufficient individuals in all areas of life.

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